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Over my 25 years as an attorney helping injury victims, I have noticed the many unique ways that accidents and injuries affect women, especially when insurance companies are involved.  Women, and mothers in particular, have many obligations to their families and their work life that can often make recovering from an injury more challenging.  It is also well established that women’s bodies are more likely than men to suffer serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents. 

As a mom, I know that we often put our families first, often to the detriment of our own healing and treatment.  Insurance companies may use gaps in treatment to understate how much a busy mom has been hurt.  Moms also experience the pain and suffering associated with missing time with their kids during important developmental years as a result of their injuries. It is so upsetting when you are dealing with significant personal pain, and you know that you cannot take care of your child the way you would if the accident had not happened. Knowing you may miss out on their school project you were hoping to help them with, or miss the holiday festivities because your back is hurting too much are all scenarios that we understand and we fight and advocate for you to get compensation for that loss.  Recovery is so much of a challenge on its own, which is why it’s my priority to alleviate the legal burden for moms who are already “doing it all.” 

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